The Azuero Peninsula

Considered the heartland of Panama and is known for its cultural traditions and folklore. There is a timeless quality to daily life here, a blend of the ultra-modern with the centuries-old traditional ways.

At the bottom of the Azuero Peninsula, however, one feels almost at the end of the world. Impeccably paved highways slink through endless green fields and tiny clustered towns, colorful and tranquil; because they tend to hug the highway, very few towns have sprung up along the many beaches here, and the waterfront is largely deserted.


A small quiet fishing village on the shores of the Azuero Peninsula about 10 minutes drive past Playa Venao. Located directly behind Isla Cañas, this quaint town has a small population of friendly locals living a very tranquilo lifestyle.

The biggest attractions in the area of Cañas are the exceptional fishing, the world-class surfing waves available at the many lovely beaches in the area, and the annual arrival of thousands of sea turtles who build their nests and lay there eggs on the beaches of Isla Cañas.

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Playa Venao

Just 10 minutes from Cañas lays Plava Venao, Panama's best surf beach for all levels of surfers.

Untouched by the globalization of Panama City, Playa Venao offers the tranquility of an ancient world complimented by its 21st Century capabilities.

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